Top 5 Plumbing Problems you face as a Homeowner

You can save yourself a ton of money by hiring a professional plumber to take a look at and fix those little problems before they get bigger and end up costing you a fortune. Here are the top 5 things you need to be aware of:

Septic Tank Maintenance

If you’ve ever wondered where the “stuff” that you flush down the toilet really goes, unfortunately, as a homeowner you’ll have to really to take it into consideration. The simple truth is that nearly 3/4 of all Americans have a septic tank in their house. This is where your waste water and “stuff” goes as well as sewage. I’m sure we would all like to just flush and forget, however, you will need to perform regular septic tank maintenance.

The reality is that you have to empty your septic tank sometimes, and unfortunately there is no easy and straightforward answer as to when it should be done. It will depend on how big the tank is as well as the consistency of the “stuff” going into the septic tank. The problem is that if you don’t pump out your tank on a regular and consistent basis it will cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars’ worth of problems. You’ll want to hire a plumber to perform regular septic tank maintenance.

Low Water Pressure

This is what happens when you turn on the faucet and instead of a stream of water coming out you just have a little weak dribble, kind of like drip, drip, drip you probably have low water pressure. There is a gauge on your water pump where you can check the water pressure. This is generally an easy problem that you can most times fix yourself.
However, you’ll have a much bigger problem if your water pressure is okay. It will most likely be a clogged drain. This is generally an easy task for a professional plumber to handle. Usually it just takes a “snake” to clean out any of those annoying clogged drains, and pipe blockage. There are many houses with refinished basements that clogged drains are a constant problem because the pipes are just too small. In this case you’ll want to get an estimate from the plumber as to how much this job will cost you. It is very important that you get this fixed right away

Clanging Pipes, Leaks and Drips

You will always want to keep an eye on your pipes, no matter what condition or how old your house is. It’s very important that you watch for standing water, leaks and listen for clanging pipes and funny noises. You can tighten the pipes yourself if you hear a leak or a dripping faucet. A common problem in many homes is that the sealant wears thin and it becomes necessary to wrap the pipes in plumbers tape.

If you come across a plumbing problem that involves working with gas lines or manipulating mains you’ll need to call in a professional plumber. Not only do you need to be very careful around gas lines, you’ll need special gear to turn off the city water. When you hire a professional plumber you’ll have to pay upfront, but in the long run you’ll save yourself a boatload of money and some potential major problems will be avoided in the future.

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